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Transportation Technician Qualification Program (TTQP)

The TTQP is a proven training and qualification program that meets the requirements of AASHTO R 25, Standard Practice for Technician Training and Qualification Programs. The TTQP consists of instruction and certification in field materials testing procedures with qualification modules for Aggregate, Asphalt, Concrete, Embankment and Base, and In-Place Density. The program ensures that participating individuals have demonstrated abilities to engage in quality control and quality assurance activities in transportation construction work. Oversight of the TTQP is the responsibility of the Qualification Advisory Committee (QAC) that reports directly to the Executive Board. More in-depth information on the TTQP can be found in the WAQTC Administrative Manual. Downloadable versions of the TTQP's Field Operating Procedures (FOP's) for each qualification area can be found in the Library section.

TTQP Objectives
  • To provide highly skilled, knowledgeable materials sampling and testing technicians
  • To promote uniformity and consistency in testing
  • To provide reciprocity for Qualified testing technicians between participating Agencies
  • To create a harmonious working atmosphere between public and private employees based upon trust, open communication, and equivalency of qualification

Current Qualification Areas
  • Aggregate
  • Asphalt I
  • Asphalt II
  • Concrete
  • Embankment & Base
  • In-Place Density
  • Self-Consolidating Concrete
  • Embankment & Base / In-Place Density
Note:  Because member states participate in the TTQP to varying degrees it is advised that interested parties consult the appropriate Agency Representative for additional information.

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